Offering comprehensive accommodation solutions for Social Housing organisations

We are specialists in arranging both planned and emergency decants and temporary accommodation solutions for your residents and tenants. We aim to make the process as easy and simple as possible, reducing the number of touch points, and keeping all parties informed.

We’re also part of the PfH Accommodation & Decant Managed Services Framework, a trusted and compliant route to market dedicated to the Social Housing sector. This enables us to provide our expertise and comprehensive accommodation solutions to Social Housing organisations efficiently.

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Solutions for every eventuality

Accommodation solutions

Short, medium and long term alternative accommodation solutions for residents and tenants, should their home become uninhabitable for days, weeks or several months.


Our ICAB PODs are an ideal alternative should the resident be unable to temporarily relocate and need to remain at their premises.

Complementary services

We can also offer your residents and tenants complementary services such as removals and packing, storage and furniture hire.

How it works

Once we have logged your instruction, we manage the entire accommodation aspect of a claim on your behalf. We will contact the resident within an hour of receiving the instruction and aim to offer them an accommodation solution within two hours.

We will also send them access to our secure digital portal, adhering to GDPR, where they can access the basic details of the decant on any device. The housing provider will also have access to our portal and be able to view this information.

We keep all parties informed and will contact the instructing principal before the planned end date to check if an extension is required. This ensures that residents are never left without a roof over their head.

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Accommodation solutions

ICAB offers a comprehensive hotel booking service using our extensive bespoke database, containing thousands of hotels with live availability across the UK.

We can advance funds for bookings. Our huge range of hotels include budget and mid-range to ensure that no matter what your instructions are, we will be able to provide suitable accommodation for the resident. We work with major hotel groups, as well as independent and rural hotels to ensure maximum coverage, diversity and flexibility. Our long standing relationships with suppliers enables us to achieve competitive rates on every booking made.

Our highly trained team understand the situation when a home emergency takes place and the urgency of which hotel accommodation is needed, often on the same day of instruction. We aim to make the process as quick and easy as possible during this stressful time by reducing the number of touch points, and keeping all parties informed.

ICAB has access to thousands of serviced apartments, primarily available in city centre locations, throughout the UK. Typically, serviced apartments are suitable for two to twelve week bookings and offer greater independence than hotels.

Our bespoke database contains a large range of serviced apartments, all offering the privacy, comfort and freedom of your own space. They are perfect for when the resident or tenant requires their own cooking and laundry facilities. They’re also a great option for families and for when the decant is likely to exceed four weeks but is too short for a rental property.

Serviced apartments are predominately located in city centres but we do have access to some suppliers offering properties in towns and villages.

We understand no one likes to be decanted from their home and we aim to make finding suitable temporary accommodation as easy as possible. We can advance fund bookings, reduce the number of touch points, and keep all parties informed.

ICAB has a large network of suppliers offering holiday lets and cottages throughout the UK with great coverage in rural areas. They are suitable for bookings in excess of four weeks but under six months.

We have access to a large selection of holiday let properties on our bespoke database, covering both remote and sought after locations. Holiday lets are often a good option for rural areas where other accommodation solutions are limited.

Properties range from small cottages to larger holiday homes, all with cooking and laundry facilities. However, availability can be seasonal and limited during peak holiday season.

We understand having to temporarily relocate is undesirable for the resident and we aim to make the process as easy and simple as possible, reducing the number of touch points, and keeping all parties informed.

ICAB usually recommends a rental property when a decant is likely to exceed twelve weeks. Our highly trained and knowledgeable team can assist the resident with every aspect of the rental process.

We are aware that social housing providers typically favour using their own housing stock, however in our experience this isn’t always possible.

Our dedicated and specialist team assist the resident when a rental property is required, typically suitable for stays of six months and beyond.

Our team help to locate and source suitable rental properties within the budget limits, as well as arrange viewings, assist with any queries in relation to tenancy agreements and deposit schemes, and furnishing properties. We advance funds that are required to secure a property, such as a deposit and the first month’s rent. Thereafter we pay the rent monthly.

We understand the resident may find the idea of a rental property daunting, that’s why we are on hand every step of the way to ease the stress of having to temporarily relocate.

If you’d like to work with us or discuss any of our accommodation solutions, get in touch today.


When the resident is unable to temporarily relocate, we can arrange for an ICAB POD to be placed on their property. Subject to suitability and/or a survey, we can offer a convenient stay at home solution that delivers the amenities and the comforts of home. 

These solutions are an ideal alternative for those who need to remain on their property because they are unable to move away from their home. Allowing the resident to continue to live “at home” offers convenience for those who need to remain close to work or school, to tend to animals, or even work from home.

Our high specification ICAB PODs are perfect when only the resident’s kitchen or bathroom (or both!) is affected. They can help provide an almost immediate solution to the resident’s needs while longer term accommodation is being organised. Alternatively they can be used as a solution for the length of the decant or a period of time during the process.

ICAB PODs also offer substantial cost savings when compared to other short and medium term accommodation options. They can be delivered and professionally installed within a short lead time from receiving the instruction. We currently supply 4 variants of the ICAB POD, details and specifications can be found below.

ICAB PODs specification

ICAB External Kitchen POD

ICAB External Bathroom POD

ICAB Internal Kitchen

ICAB Internal Shower/Basin

Our Internal Shower/Basin POD is currently undergoing redevelopment. Updated product information coming soon!

Complementary services - Boxes and packing

Complementary services

No job is too big or too small! ICAB can support the resident or tenant with services and solutions related to their decant, this includes removals, packing, storage and furniture hire.

We have access to a network of carefully selected, reliable and fully insured suppliers across the UK. Our removals and storage suppliers will ensure all furniture and contents are packed with care and removed and stored safely until they are ready to be moved back to the property. The resident is able to access their belongings at all times.

We also have a number of reputable suppliers offering high quality and professionally cleaned furniture. In our experience the majority of rental properties are available unfurnished and typically your residents are not in a position to take any or all of their own furniture with them. Our suppliers can offer fixed or bespoke furniture packages.

ICAB act on behalf of Social Housing organisations and other Instructing Principals, assisting those who suffer an unwelcome event in their home. We’re unable to assist with homelessness outside of this remit. If you are homeless or at risk of homelessness we suggest you contact Shelter, a homelessness and housing advice charity on 0808 800 4444 or by visiting their website