ICAB PODs on tour!

ICAB POD Operatives set off on their expedition driving the 364 miles from Milton Keynes to Troon taking in many of the motorway sights along the way, read about their trip.

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ICAB PODs on tour - sunset
ICAB POD tour 1
ICAB POD tour 2
ICAB POD tour 3

Since ICAB PODs inception in 2016, we have been delivering internal and external PODs up and down the UK. At the height of the C19 pandemic, services were limited but with the right PPE and safety checks in place, we could also deliver those much-needed external PODs to people that needed them more than ever.

Our most recent road trip last month was one of the more epic ones though. This was to be an international trip taking in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, all in one go!

Pod Operatives Stephen Barnet AKA Classic and newbie Benjamin Sarafis set off on their expedition on the 29th April driving the 364 miles from Milton Keynes to Troon taking in many of the motorway sights along the way. They delivered an internal bathroom POD and off they went to rest their heads near the port.

Early start for the chaps on the 30th April catching the ferry to Northern Ireland. A drive to Belfast and an external kitchen POD was collected and then it was straight back on the ferry for another overnight stay in Scotland.

Finally on Friday 31st April the drive began from Scotland to Carlisle to deliver the afore mentioned kitchen POD. Once this was safely installed, Classic and Ben finally got to head home.

One can only imagine the relief at walking through their front doors that evening. Three busy but satisfying days for the guys, lots of happy customers and then a restful, takeaway filled Friday night before falling asleep in front of the TV. The heady days of the tour was over!

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