Mental health awareness: Life’s ups and downs

Everyone has hardships and everyone’s hardships are different to others.

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Mental health

Written by an anonymous staff member of ICAB:

I would like to say that everyone has hardships and everyone’s hardships are different to others. One man’s poison is another man’s food! Like life, it’s different for everyone. A person’s appearance and actions may be hiding their pain that they have experienced, but until we share our pain, we will never truly be understood or be able to understand someone else.

Growing up in an “education driven family” is completely different to growing up in a “loving family who are education driven”. In the first family there is a distinct lack of work/play balance. In the education driven family it feels like affection is only given as a reward when you have achieved good grades, whereas other families give affection naturally. As a result, home never feels like home, but just a place you can go back to at the end of the school day striving for those results which will in turn bring that affection. As a result of this cycle you end up looking for affection elsewhere.

When you eventually find affection, you find you latch on more than other people would. If this is not reciprocated you are often left confused which could lead onto many different mental health issues in later life. There can be an onset of depression and anxiety as you are constantly trying to please people all the time to receive that much wanted affection.

With all that said…life may get you down, but it is up to you whether you get back up again. Whatever you may be going through, there are others who are going through worse and others who will understand what you’re going through. Remember to do what you love and make time for what is precious for you. Not being ok is ok and riding the wave of life’s ups and downs is what makes you stronger.

Please see the link below for a number of organisations that can help at a click of a button!

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